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Meet The Blacksmiths

Greg Ramsey

Makes swords, drinks beer, dances with wolves.

Greg Ramsey’s soul is sword shaped. From his first reading of The Lord of the Rings to his first experience wielding (foam) swords with friends in the woods outside his childhood home, Greg’s world has been filled with blades and battle cries. Greg spent most of his 20s and 30s performing at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire as knight, knave, pirate, and king. As a gifted actor-combatant and certified teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors and Certified Fight Director with the Society of Canadian Fight Directors, Greg honed his skill with blades and trained others in the art of war. It was only natural that his path would eventually lead to forging. A few beers with his friend Eitri led to the birth of the Drunken Smithy. Now Greg spends his days bending steel to his will in the fiery forges of the Drunken Smithy. And it is awesome!

Eitri Jones

Bends the elements to his will to make mad, beautiful creations.

Eitri made his first knives and swords when he was but a young lad. After his first taste of the steel he was hooked, and soon took to learning welding and other forms of metal working. Eitri graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Chemistry. Recently he has been giving blacksmithing demos at the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Renaissance Faires.

He is a builder and fixer, but mostly mad scientist. He likes to make beautiful powerful things. Slightly obsessed and always ready for a the next crazy project, we are never sure if he is drunk or just crazy.